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Audit, study, strategy, management, information system, organization and change management, assistance, drafting of specifications

• Network & security   

• Cyber-security                    

• Storage & Backup

• Hyperconverged solutions

• Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)


By allowing its partners to benefit from technological innovations

“If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don't understand the problems and you don't understand the technology”


OUR ApproAch -OUR ValuEs


Our technol.ogical choices associated with our technical expertise and our business knowledge

We are proud to share the trust that brings you the listening, flexibility and responsiveness you need



Our studies, evaluations and advice are based on attentive listening to demand

The ethics of our work is based on a permanent concern for independence, a critical approach and an autonomy of means.

For a better appropriation of the services we offer, we strive to involve all the parties concerned during the performance of our services.

Our approach is based on a permanent search for the best quality, a constant improvement in the skills of our employees, a renewed rigor in our analyzes.


a multidisciplinary team (junior, senior and expert) from different sectors to offer a wide variety of skills.

a company that focuses its development by taking into account the human aspect in its customer relationship and in its internal functioning.

a company that invests, in particular, in new techno projects

a company that demonstrates impartiality, guaranteeing the interest of its customers

S2TC Has structured know-how around a full ranges of services.

Advising a company, helping in decision-making, supporting the implementation of systems, that is the role of S2TC consultants.
Our consultants provide you with their know-how and carry out the studies and advice required on your request in the following areas:


• Network & security   

• Cyber-security                    

• Storage & Backup

• Hyperconverged solutions

• Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

• Project studies

• Marketing studies 

• Technical and profitability studies

Support: business development and its development in the commercial and technical fields

Advice on capital structure, industrial strategy

• Assistance in upgrading the corporate infrastructure:

      information on appropriate financial aid procedures 

      assembly of files

      Realization process

      Need study

      Proposal for a service offer 

      Elaboration of specifications

Monitoring of regulations, standards and business standards, in order to provide the customer with adequate support when the project is carried out
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We offer our clients end-to-end support during their strategic exercises: from diagnosis to execution, including strategic planning.

The implementation of strategic plans often requires the collection of reliable and sufficiently detailed decision-making elements relating to the target markets and the resources to be deployed.


To meet this need, we carry out extensive sector studies as well as opportunities studies for business development projects (new products, new activities, new markets) or cost reduction (mutualization of IT resources, logistics or human resources, business consolidation, outsourcing, etc.).


We support our clients in identifying the technological bricks necessary for their development, in choosing the most suitable solutions and in implementing these solutions.

Our role is to assist our clients in evaluating their existing organizations in terms of their strategic visions and their competitive and regulatory environment.

We intervene to assist them in diagnosing change, defining the strategy for driving change and steering change.



Our interventions cover all design missions:

identification of the project to the launch of tenders for the work.

   diagnostic studies.

   feasibility studies.

   summary pre-project studies.

   detailed pre-project studies.

technical specifications (CCTP) in relation to the client's needs.

comparative study of companies' technical and financial offerings.

Strategic Studies.


In a strategy of continuous and sustainable improvement of the performance and skills of our customers, we ensure a transfer of skills for a successful cooperation with each partner of the project while respecting and understanding the context in which our mission is inscribed.

Our interventions can be punctual, short-term, or over several months depending on the expectations and objectives of the mission .


Electronic Payment


Initial Support Initial Support Services for Portfolio Implementation or Migration SmarT Tek Consulting offers initial support service for financial institutions that are either implementing their first issuing and acquiring program(s) or either migrating existing environment to Third Party Processor environment.


SmarT Tek Consulting begins by conducting a kick-off meeting with the bank to determine their needs and prepare their strategy. Throughout the project,


SmarT Tek Consulting is on hand to provide on-going consultation and support.


Card Issuer Processing SmarT Tek Consulting assist the bank in its issuing program , for visa , mastercard ou cup


Card Procurement & Personalization SmarT Tek Consulting assist the bank in the choice the card type in launching their card programs as quickly as possible


ATM Acquiring SmarT Tek Consulting assist the bank in the choice of ATM type and services associated and how optimize the ROI


POS Acquiring SmarT Tek Consulting’s assist the bank in the choice of POS type and services associated , and how optimize merchant business


E-Commerce SmarT Tek Consulting’s assist the bank in the choice of e commerce solution and services associated , and how optimize merchant business


Chargeback SmarT Tek Consulting provides members with an effective means to resolve disputes arising from violations of the International Payment Scheme (Visa, MasterCard...etc) Operating Regulations.


Mobile Banking SmarT Tek Consulting’s assist the bank in the choice of the applications of internet banking


Fraud Analyze SmarT Tek Consulting’s assist the bank in the Risk Management

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